my life at 21

Friday, September 5, 2008

the guide to taking train lol

Hey my lovely ladies!! I'm so sorry i have been slacking yea? But i promise to update=)) Jus gonna show u girls around hehe. It's like my journey from my place to the train station. Southbank to Flinders Street Station is bout 8 mins walk? Or sometimes 5 if i speedwalk? That happens when i am rushing like crazy to class and trying to catch the earliest train. SO hectic k!! Sometimes u can still see the train or even already at the door but when the train gotta go, it gotta go. But ANYWAYSS!

The big scary clock which tell me 'am i gonna make it to class today?'

Sorry for the blur images. It was cold and i was walking and so the pictures. Hoho.

Finally there!! The great big entrance to the station at the southbank exit. lol

Lesson #1: Find out where u should get ur ass to!

See that box with yellow lines at the top corner right? That's the screen which reads which platform to which trainline and the time and when it's leaving. Very scary whenever it shows 1 min or NOW cz it means running time!!

Lesson #2: Slot your tics and get it validated

The fine for not validating is 162AUD in total! It's kinda scary wan k. There will be inspectors and sometimes normal-clothes inspector coming up to you and ask to produce tic. No tic, ull get fined. No worries. I'm a good girl here. No fines for me - yet! Lol.

Lesson#3: Once u know which platform to go, GO!

Now u all know how to take the train. Hoho. Next, to the Swanston street! That's the busiest street here cz it's the main one. Like our Jalan Pudu kinda thing.

It was raining that awfully cold. Btw, that's Elizabeth street in front. The direction where the car's going is the Flinders Street. So to get to Swanston i gotta take a right turn walk till i get to the corner of Flinders and Swanston and turn left.

See the end of the stretch of building? That's where i turn left to Swanston. finance minister!!

Now on Swanston. Usually it's much busier. Not that day cz it was raining like a bitch.

Supre!! My shopping haven. Lol. Not really actually. U'll get a lot of 'chi muiz' when u buy clothes from supre and wear it to clubs. Scarrryy...

That's the mall QV. Usually go there for grocery shopping in Safeway and Big W. Oh and max brenner too! I'm thinking of the belgian waffle yum k!! The person gave me so much chocolate i'm drooling now..when u girls get here ill bring u there ya! Extra choc plz! Lol

Some strip show for u? Next to an icecream store? So weirdd...

Yupp! That's bout it. I'll post more soon yea?

Oh JiaJia, i jus finished a 3000 words essay yest night!! Was so tiring k! Cz i started in the day with bout 800 words and then went for dinner with this friend, Jonathan. Will show u next time. Came back home at bout 12 then start doing work again. I was kinda tipsy cz we had wine! I was in that kinda state where blood pumping everywhere and can drop to bed and sleep straight. Basically need to slap myself awake. But miraculously i manage to sober up as i was doing my work and completed it. Well...i didn't write 3000 words actually but 2500+ words. Aih. But it's okay wan k! Cz lotsa ppl do that as well! And kelkel! How are u?? Haven't spoken to u and i wanna hear more updates! Will online again soon and we'll catch up yea? BUT ! at the mean time plz behave and dont do anything naughty k! Love u girls..mwamwamwa!!=)))

Saturday, August 23, 2008

a lil update for u..=)

JiaJia! I'll be working tonight! For my very first time...feel funny right now. Kinda nervous cz afraid i can't do it lol. Anyways will tell u wat happened k? MWA

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


LIMJIAWEI! U made me close to tears ok!! How dare u...sob

I have not forgotten bout u one bit..and i was so surprised to see pictures of us so suddenly in ur blog. Thought u would have forgotten me too:(

Life here is new, it's different, it's all crazy but i often thought how it would be like wit u around. U have no idea the transportation here is like k! Lotsa walking running walking running. So many times i had to walk distance that's equivalent to walking from the start to the end of mid valley TWICE! And so many times i had to run and run to the point where i want to give up so bad but can't cz else i'll miss the train and thus class. How i wish u were here to experience all this wit me...and not forgetting kel too k!

And i did think about what i said before i left. Blogging everyday and all to keep u updated and i am so sorry i haven't been keeping to my promises. I felt so bad thinking bout it and i SWEAR i did think of doing exactly that real soon! Jus that u mentioned it before i get to do it and yes great mind thinks alike yea? Hehe.

Woman, u said u wanna go gym all when i'm gone wit my bro? Did u really do it? Make sure i wanna go back seeing u all tanned and sexy! Not like u're not now but then i won't have to listen to u complaining bout ur 'imperfections'! Hohoho!

I've a presentation tmr to do which is 16% (which i have yet to begin on sigh) but i'm still writing u this post! not much point in mentioning this actually but jus wanna let u know that u are still very much loved k! But now i really have to go cz else i'll be standing in front of the class wide eyed and mouth open.

I promise u things will change to better. U'll be reading so much of posts u'll regret asking me to! Hoho!

And i end this post by saying no more than,



Monday, August 4, 2008

big fat BAD news

OMG...i've gained so much weight!!


I can't even find a decent pic to post. Super wtf. Nvm. I'll do a quick diet! No more eating! Must gambatte!!

Okay la..maybe not that much? But i'll let u guys judge. Soon Soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

belly piercing, here i come!

After much much much and i mean seriously much of consideration. I have decided to get my belly pierced! Woohoo! Special thanks to vicca and vicye who's got great persuasion skill helped my decision making duration shorter. Hohoho.

I was scared.nervous.anxious.excited.anything-u-can-think-of as i was bout doing it. We were suppose to do it the day before but jus when i've cooked up all the courage i could get to finally say yes to doing it the shop was closed. WTF! Actually the shop wasn't but the piercer has decided to end the piercing session for the day. Back in msia even after the metal roller is pulled down they still say 'come come still open still open'. Here? They feel that money stinks. So yeala. Have to wait till the next day. The prices varies like crazy here k! Asked a salon in this mall in the suburb (u know, sunshine) it was like 35AUD but in the city it was 60AUD! Almost double the price! So the next day i got up super inspired to do it. Die Die also wanna do it. So i did it in this place (cz sunshine to far for words) Off Ya Tree on swanston instead cz they are known for doing piercing. It cost me a bigfatbomb of 70AUD! So yealaa. I got it done ppl!! Let's check it out! Muahaha!

And now that i have got it done. I LOVED it! Should have got it done earlier!

Oh well. I'm 21 and i'm gonna live my life.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

gangster surfaced..muahaha

I wanna give a shout out to those who drives....'APPRECIATE TRAVELLING BY CAR!'

It's a tram tram life for me now ppl!

BTW...vicye's bf is a chef! Lovely lovely porkchop rice he cooked for us. Yum..

Another k-session. Woopss! 30AUD jus went down the drain again...

Di Di Da Du Du

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's already like what my third week here already? Getting used to life here, the weather especially! No come to think of it, i can't get used to the bloody wind still. It's the kinda chill that goes down my spine. Hunching a lot lately cz trying to keep warm till now i've got like muscle ache on my shoulder. So that day with vicye's determination me, vicye and her bf(joseph aka seng) went for some traditional massage in this chinese guy's house. It was in the suburb so it was damn cold! Way much colder than in the city where there are tall buildings everywhere to block the wind.

ANYWAYS! The massage was great! But the price is not so as it's so much more expensive than in msia! AUD1 or 1 minute. Good money huh? But this guy was reaaaaaal nice! We asked for 20 mins but he gave 30 mins but charge us AUD20 only! Thanks to jo who knows the masseur and we got special treatment for that! Woohoo!

Melbourne is like a rectangular city. Very organized. Too organized that i'm soon getting bored of it. It's the same everywhere! And there's nothing much to do here except eat sleep drink club shop. Love the shopping part and shaky on the eating cz i dont wanna become a different me when i come back! SO easy to gain weight here i tell u cz nothing much to do except like i said eat drink sleep. Tell me HOW TO NOT GAIN WEIGHT?? But i'm trying real hard to stay away! Still doing okay at it. Muahahaha pray pray pray this lasts...

VICYE! my new camwhore partner. Hoho. Actually havent been taking lotsa pics here cz it's so cold! I'm lazy to take the camera out preferring to have my hands stay warm in the comfort of my pockets. Hoho. Oh and we went for karaoke the other day. Again, so much more expensive here! In msia pay RM12 (student price) but here is AUD40! Then again we went to one of the expensive ones, Chi karaoke lounge cz couldnt get rooms elsewhere so forced to go there. Usually it's bout AUD20-30+. JIAJIA! miss k-ing and duet-ing wit u...

Mae...why don't u put higher like take our scalp only?? Sorry la ve...hohoho


We were at this suburb called Sunshine which takes like 45 mins by tram from Elizabeth St jus to shop in this mall called High Point. The other day me and vicye decided to be adventurous and take a trip down to some place where we dun even know where it is. And vicye's bro was tricked into going wit us, pity him jus got off the plane at 6 morning and was dragged to nowhere land wit us. Thank god we got the tram driver to announce when we've reached else we wouldn't know when to get off. Finally we were stopped at this very dodgy place known as sunshine and we didnt even know where the mall is to begin with! Asked some passerby and we had to basically run to the mall cz it was raining and the wind was blowing like a mother! Was laughing so hard cz we didnt know exactly where we were running to, was jus told to walk straight on and we'll see it. It was dem sneaky la the location, like some blind spot. All the laughing and running and trying to breathe at the same time was craaaaazzy! Can hardly breathe actually. Hoho. It was the only mall which closes at 9pm but only on a thursday. That explains why we were there plus the things were cheap. But we only managed to reach there at 8.30. So quite sad la reach there everything closing. AND we vowed to go there again, but much much earlier so we can shop. SADLY! Our effort faileddddd. Said to reach there by 1 plus but end up 5 when it closes at 5.30 on normal days. VERY SAD K! Actually thanks to our poor time management laaa. No JIAJIA to make us efficient leaders!! Hohoho.

*no fire

*jus a bit of fire *HOLY SHIT!!
vicye: later when the fire comes out in full very warm wan
me: yameh...(very doubtful)

fire came on...
me: .....(speechless)

YEN!! Spot IT time!! Looks familiar??

I was chased by a paparazi!! Run run run!

Hiding in PekoPeko. Lol. Lunch la!

Vicye's fav line 'yum ryte?'. Yes...very yum vicye.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my very FIRST week in Melbourne

In the plane...
The bloody journey from the entrance to my seat takes like 15 mins when it should take like less than 5 mins? There were so many ppl putting their hand carry luggage into the cabin and some was like taking their own sweet time while i stand there waiting. Can't blame them laa cz some inconsiderate ppl simply put their luggage and makes it so hard to fit everything in. But it was dem sad for me la! With my two bags i was like struggling to not hit the ppl sitting wit my over-sized bag. SO yea...15 mins of taking few steps wait take few steps wait.

Once i reach my seat i dozed off almost immediately. I was so tired! I've to say the video facilities they have is AWESOME! They have like soooooo many movies, pretty new all of them. And they've got like series and a wide range of albums that u can choose from for audio. But i didn't manage to make much use of it as i slept for like 5 HOURS and only watched The Other Boleyn Girl for a bit before touching down at the Melbourne Airport.
Finally in MELBOURNE...!

It was so bloody cold! Actually it's okay without the wind but once the wind comes only...u'll freeze ur butt off! Plus it's like at the suburb where there's not much buildings so it's superbly cold. Then again, it might be cause i felt the huge difference from the crazy hot tropical country Malaysia. Watever la. Conclusion is, it was brain freezing cold.

We were 'collected' by Swee Fun and went back to her crib for shower and beauty sleep. She's sucha sweetie! The next day we had dim sum! Yum..! Apparently the service in chinese restaurants is really bad. The one we went was sort of like the best serviced one (but still not say very good, jus okay la~). Got a bit of a culture shock. The chinese ppl here treat other chinese really bad. Like there was this waitress who made a small mistake of jotting down the wrong table number on the order form and was thrown stuffs and shouted at. It's like wtf? So a piece of advice, NEVER work for chinese employers. They work u to death. Literally.

Day #1

That's our lovely host, Swee Fun! She showed us around and drove us everywhere (petrol price here is real expensive, it's bout Rm4+) so yea, that was real nice of her. After eating me and bro went to explore the city cz Swee had to go run some errand.

This is Melbourne Central! Kinda like the hub of the city, to me that is. The easiest place to get to and meet up cause it's in the middle of the city. Guess i'll be hanging out here like a lot. Hoho.

We were marking our

Ooo....comes dinner time! We had korean bbq at Korean House! Yummy...

Phone rings. Vicye on the line..."wanna go for a drink in crowne?". And i replied "okay!".

Day #2

JiaJia, lemme show u the city! Hehe!

Levin if u're reading this, that's Ernst&Young for u! Hehe!

This is also the day i got my Gucci wallet..woohoo! Hehe!

Don't u find it sooo delicioussss?? Yum yum. But designer goods here are not portrayed as something luxurious. It's like the shop can be found randomly on the street and the shop next to it can be some shop selling chaplang stuffs. Not like how it is in Malaysia where all designer brands grouped together on one single floor or anything like that. And EVERYONE carries LV, Gucci, Prada etc like it's RM10. Quite crazy huh?

Then we went to have coffee and some dessert for tea break.

Later at night Swee brought us to this place to take pics...

Day #3

Breakfast at Picnic on Toorak Rd!

Everyone..this lovely place is Melbourne University. Very beautiful huh. I was pretty much in awe when i saw the place. Never knew it's this beautiful. It's old..but the whole place give u such a peaceful feeling thou it's cold like hell.

Later in the day at some Asian supermarket in QV...

Look what i found!! Jus change the 'a' to 'e' and i have my own brand! Mwahaha. I found so many food which i can find in Msia here! Feel so warm and at home. Hohoho. Dropped by to buy some groceries for dinner. We had steamboat at Swee's! Hehe. Hunted down a few of them even some random brands.

That's all for now! Update u soon!! I'm off to take a shower!